Saturday, January 29, 2011

Harry Potter Animation

How the first animated sequence in a 'Harry Potter' movie came about

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries returned January 27th to the CW with all new episodes.

For those who don't know, Vampire diaries was based on the book series of the same name by L.J. Smith. It takes palce in a ficticious town called Mystic Falls, Virginia. I actually want to get to read these books soon.

The show is very intense. It's action, love, suspense, mystery, magic, fictional characters, everything you would enjoy.

the Last episode of Vampire Diaries left us with Tyler's first werewolf transformation and the new girl in town Jule, attacking Rose. The legend says that a werewolves bite is deadly to a vampire.

Tyler and Caroline have been getting pretty close over this secret they share. As Tyler and Caroline get close, her and Matt grow further apart. Regardless, how much she loves Matt, she cannot risk endangering his life again.

Rose got bit by a werewolf and at first it healed so they dismissed it as a false tale, but soon after a rash began to grow down her back and the pain became unbearable. Not being able to keep the blood down, she went after Elena thinking that she was Katherine. This is by far th best episode yet. The suspense to know what's going to be happen is just enticing. Later, rose had another episode, if you want to call it that., While Elena was getting fresh sheets and towels, Rose disappeared again. This time Elena found her jugging down all of Stefan's and Damon's blood supply. Rose thinking Elena was Katherine, she again went after the girl. It was a full on battle throughout the house. Elena managed to get to safety, but by the time night fell Rose was gone and Elena had no idea where she was. Hearing a noise in the background, Elena almost staked Damon thinking it was Rose.

Caroline tells Tyler the legend that a werewolves bite could be deadly to a vampire. Tyler confronts her about and tries to figure out why she would risk her life to help him. Caroline defends her actions by simply stating that she cares about him and he shouldn't be afraid to let people help him. Tyler then kisses her. Could this mean their is ♥ in their future? Or will this end before it can start?

As Damon and Rose have one last fantasy moment together, I ♥ seeing Damon's vulnerability as he helped Rose reach a happy time, before he obeyed her wishes to stop the pain. On the other hand, Jule told Tyler about Caroline and that she killed Mason, which isn't true by the way, and that she wasn't the only vampire in town. The betrayal he felt may just be the end of him and Caroline. Jule also tells our young werewolf friend that more werewolves are on their way. This battle may just be the beginning of a far greater fate for everyone.
Stefan came back with Elena's uncle John. While Elena is having a family reunion, Damon is hurting from the loss of Rose. From the fact that he cannot, he will not let his guard down and be the man Elena wants him to be. Will this lead him to self-destruction? Or will he have to leave his feelings aside to prepare for what's ahead?

Stay tuned for next weeks episode. Let's see which direction Tyler's and Caroline's relationship leads in. Why is Uncle John back? All questions to be revealed stay tuned.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

White Collar

White Collar
USA Network
Tuesdays 10/9 c
White Collar- January 25th, 2011

Another great episode from White Collar. In order to get to know Vincent Adler, Neal's old mentor, Neal takes us back 8 years to where it all began. In order to get Neal talking, Peter puts down his badge and offers him full immunity for everything he discloses.

8 years ago-

  • Neal meets Mozzie at a street card trick con
  • Mozzie and Neal team up
  • Vincent Adler becomes the target of their first con
    • Neal has to try and get Adler's Acct. # and Password
This is the first time Neal embraces the style he wears today and it's also where we see his 1st encounter with the lovely Kate. It was ♥ at first sight. Yet, unfortunately for Neal, Kate had a b/f named Michael. Of course, this didn't detain him from flirting with Kate. Michael and Kate were supposed to leave for Chicago in a few weeks.

Through Neal's tale we also see his first encounter with Alex Hunter. We get to know the woman who enjoys to create origami, making it her signature trademark. She is the one that introduces the music box, belonging to Katherine the Great.

Kate on the other hand, didn't leave for Chicago when the time came because she wanted to be with Neal. so the Kate and Neal romance begins.

The time soon came for Neal to try and get the password from Adler. Yet, soon after Neal got the password, Adler disappeared with all of his clients money. It also didn't take long for Neal to figure out the password Adler gave him was anagram that said, "Nice try Neal." Neal's hand was forced and he had to tell Kate that he wasn't Nick Halden, his real name was Neal Caffrey. They then joined up together to try and get revenge on the man who took everything from them.

Neal soon got his invitation from Alex, to go to Copenhagen, to help her get the music box. This of course caused some stir on his and Kate's relationship.

  • Kate didn't want to go to Copenhagen
  • Neal eft on his own
  • When he came back Kate had disappeared
  • Peter Burke sets a trap on Neal 
    • catches him
We know the rest after that. We wen the show with some clues at to what the Fractal design can be...Emergency Beacon. Stay tuned for next weeks episode, when Neal must go back to his old ways. The mission requires the skills of a con to catch a con. Hmmm...interesting.

Missed the episode, want to watch it. Click on White Collar  to watch this weeks episode
If you watch White Collar you may also be interested in knowing that every week theres a new question you must enter to try and win some great prizes again. Click on White Collar to go to the sweepstakes page for more details. It's fun

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

01/24/11- Careful What you Wish For
The search for A continues. Are the girls any closer to finding out who A is? Well one thing for sure, Noel definitely is not A.
The speculations and the debates continue over whether Tobi is A or is it Ian?

The events that followed, just kept on enticing you to watch more. As last week left us with the girls watching the video that A sent them about the night Alison disappeared, this week we see they kept on watching the video in order to see if they can find clues as to who Alison's murderer was. Just as they thought they were alone, Ian walks into the room and the girls freak out because they left the laptop open with his picture on it. They played it off well and Ian didn't notice a thing. Or so they thought?

The next morning, Spencer's laptop was mysteriously taken.
Ian, of course, is their suspect

  • he's a coach
  • has access to students lockers
  • well his face on the video
Hannah gets an A text

  • a job for you -dance with lucas 
  • get $200 for every dance
  • break his heart
She actually does it. I can't believe it. She's actually acting worse than Alison.
Aria, is having jealousy issues when her old baby sitter Simone comes into town and starts flirting with Ezra.
Emily gets drunk at the danceathon.

  • Maya was acting distant
  • made excuses not to talk to her 
  • from being drunk Emily confronts Ian
  • Ian threatens Spencer, when she says that it's about the kiss they shared one summer
    • He really doesn't know when to quit does he?
Ezra and Aria have a ♥ 2 ♥ and all is well on their way for a road to recovery.The trials of their relationship are just beginning. Will they make it? Only time will tell. In my opinion I hope they do. 

Later that night at Spencer's house, Hannah comes to find that Spencer's laptop wa waiting for them right there on the coffee table, hidden beneath a bunch of magazines. Spencer opened her laptop to find a photo of Alison walking, with the barn in the background, and there was a shadow casted behind Alison. The photo was captioned, "Watch you r backs, i didn't" 

Hope you enjoyed what you read. Stay tuned for more intrigue and more mystery. If you saw the show or want to try your luck with a trivial quiz check it out on their website. Click on Pretty Little Liars and try your luck. You can even watch the episode again if you missed it. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Help me decide-A Valentines Day Poll

I am trying to decide when to do this Valentines giveaway I want to do to attract people to my sales, but not sure if to do it the weekend before or if to do it two weekends before. What do you think? Let me know.
1st Prize is a Fergie 3 pc. gift set from Avon of course
2nd and 3rd prizes are non avon products, but not sure their order yet. It's champagne flutes Valentines decorated and not sure what else, the other one will be a candy dish with a glass picture frame. Let me know your thoughts as a comment, or by simply participating in the poll.

I'll soon do a giveaway on my blog as well. Thanks.

Which day would be best to do a free valentines giveaway contest? 3 possible gifts. One is Avon, but the other two are non Avon products.
Friday, Feb. 4th
Saturday, Feb. 5th
Friday, Feb. 11th
Saturday, Feb. 12th free polls

Friday, January 21, 2011

F.Y.E. Frenzy

On Sat. January 15, my ♥ and i went to Dolphin Mall (Miami, Fl), so that i can finally buy a book that i wanted to get from borders. My b/f usually likes to park by Sam Ash, a store where they sell instruments, and F.Y.E., where they sell movies, CDs, games, etc.

We went into the mall through F.Y.E, and we saw that there was a complete blowout sale. My b/f is always looking for the anime series he used to watch as a kid or the movies he likes, but rarely buys anything when we go into the store. He got all excited when we saw the sales and we decided to go on the hunt.

I ♥ Sailor Moon, a Japanese Anime that i loved as a child and that i still love to this day. Unfortunately they didn't have anything from the series. I also ♥d Sakura Cardcaptors. A few months ago i found out that the characters from Cardcaptors were in another series called Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. They have the same names and they look the same, but they are in another dimension here. I watched a few episodes online, and it was great. I managed to find 2 straight seasons, the other ones were too elapsed and i didn't want to miss anything so my b/f got me those two.

He got Bourne Identity and Bourne Ultimatum. Spider man 2 and Spider Man 3. He also got a cool Dragon Ball Z shirt for him and one for me. How cute is that? Seriously. He always does those things. He also got me an Alice in Wonderland belt, it was cool and i liked it for its designs and colors. It really doesn't end there the last thing he got me was this Skin It from Eclipse, but it was supposed to be for an iphone 3G i believe, so afterwards he customized it for me. Lol! You can see some disproportions, but it was cute.

Al though some of the movies were used, they still added a 30% off at checkout. A total for everything was around $70-$75, for 6 movies, 2 shrts, a belts, and skin it. Amazing, a great deal really it probably would've been more if it hadn't been for this blowout. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

White Collar

White Collar started it's new season tonight, January 18, on the USA network at 10 pm. White Collar is about a guy named Neal Caffrey who is a con artist. He got caught by Peter Burke, an FBI agent. Peter striked a deal with Neal to get him out of prison, with thte condition that he wear an ankle tracker and that he helps the FBI solve cases. Last season ended with a devastating turn of events. Mozzie was shot and no one knew who did it.

Now, Mozzie is in an induced coma. Peter starts to investigate Julian Larson. In order to draw him out and prevent him from getting out of NEW York City, they decided to plant a new alias for him. Neal gets in touch with his forgery community and asks them to give him the name of Justin Springer.

Of course Larson, was very sneaky. Peter's fingerprints came out in the gun that shot Mozzie. With Neal's help, Peter figured out that Larson, must have found a way to get into the FBI Agency and tampered with evidence. They got Larson dressed like Caffrey, going into Peter's office and stealing his coffee mug, in order to get a clean fingerprint.

Neal comes up with an idea to help Peter bring down Larson without FBI resources.
Peter, Mozzie, Sarah, Jones, Diana, Neal and Peter's wife join together to help Peter with his sting and clear his name. They created the Burke 7, just for this one time.

The Plan:

  • sarah uses an ilegal version of making you sound like someone else
  • Mozzie is in a wheel chair on the sidewalk to interfere with the cell phones
  • Diana distracts the guy who is working with Larson
  • Neal talks to him on a pay phone and plants the trap
  • Sarah then goes into the FBI Agency claiming that one of her clients is being harassed by Agent Peter Burke
  • FBI decides to investigate
Once the FBI goes to the location where Larson is committing his crime, they are surprised at what they found. They found Larson with latex fingerprints that match Peter Burke's. Impressive to see and know how many things there is out there, to plant evidence against someone.

The mind of a con artist never sleeps. Larson was sneaky enough to pick up some tweezers and pick the lock taking out Agent Roe.

Peter was quick on his feet. He borrowed a horse from a policeman nearby and went after Larson. Great riding Burke! He caught the guy wand of course meaning that Burke 7 was officially over.

The twists and turns just don't end there. Peter, Neal, Diana and Mozzie have been on the hunt to find not only who killed Kate, but what is the fuss behind this very precious music box. Mozzie has been trying to figure out the secrets mathematical equation hidden within the music. He finally figured out and he came up with a design that is left Neal shocked. Neal remembers the design and immediately knows who is responsible...the man who made Neal who he is today.

Next weeks all new episode takes us back to before Neal became a con artist and Peter was a big boss in the FBI. This will be interesting to see, what their lives were before they started working together.

If this caught your attention, let me tell you you won't be disappointed. It's mystery, love, art, and action. If your interested you can catch it on the USA Network, Tuesdays at 10/9 c.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks

Today January 18th, the Heat played against the Atlanta Hawks. I haven't been really on top of the games lately. I've always had some errand or other so when i miss one game a few others just slip from my knowledge.

From my understanding, after having a great run this season winning almost every game back to back, the Heat's winning streak has come to a very dead halt. They've lost 3 of their last games.

Come on Heat, we're rooting for you.
They actually played in their Home town of Miami, Fl at the American Airlines Arena.
The first half wasn't really appealing. They weren't playing like their usual selves, with bosh out for the game with an ankle injury. If it's not Wade, it's Lebron, and if it's not Lebron its Bosh. The dynamic trio need to find a way to keep it together. The Heat were trailing behind the Hawks in the 1st half, and just when things were picking up, the Hawks found a way to retaliate.

The Heat continued to trail behind the Hawks with only 5:30 left in the 3rd quarter. MIA: 45 @ ATL: 46. The 3rd quarter ended with no big change. The effort was in, but not the Heart. MIA:55 @ ATL:58

Coming into the 4th quarter

  • Eddie House with a steal @ 10:10 into the game, while drawing the foul at the other end of the court
  • Struggle with the ball amongst both teams
  • Wade makes a tricky shot, while being blocked by 3 guys
7 minutes into the 4th quarter and Miami is tied with the Hawks. LBJ scores for the first time in the the 4th quarter.
2 min. left.

  • ATL, MIA are tied
Miami isn't really playing their best in this game. with 54.6 seconds left in this game, it'll take al the layers to pull together just to win it. The heat decide to take this game into Over time instead of trying to go for the win in the last remaining seconds of the game. Will this make or break them?
We soon found out. The Hawks weren't letting their guard downs for one second. With 35 seconds left and the Heat weren't able to redeem themselves in tonights game. What a disappointing loss for Miami. This brings their total to 4 straight lost games. Sadly, the game ends with Heat 89 @ ATL: 93. LBJ and Wade with a combined score of 51 points. LBJ with 34 points, 7 assists. Anthony with 16 rebounds.

" A loss today, is a win tomorrow. Keep your heads up Heat. You'll win it next time."
Next game Saturday January 22 against Toronto. Home game at 7:30 pm on the Sun Sports network.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little Liars on ABC Family
Mondays at 8/7 c
Jan. 17 episode

As A's game conitnues to unfold, more and more secrets start to arise.

It seems A is no longer only messing with the girls, but she is also targeting those closest to them.

Last week Noel was supected to be A. Is he still a supect? Or is Ian the new A?
Spencer continues to suspect Ian even more now, after he finds her sister Melissa and Ian speaking in hushed voices. She then got an email from an unkown sender saying, "Married for love or Alibi?" -A

It is very suspicious that after everything going on, right now would be the best time to get married after the girls seem to be getting closer and closer to the truth.

A continues to play mind games with the girls, using Hannah's past weakness of eating then purging against her. What a sick twisted person? Hannah has gotten stronger since then and it led her to find some of the money stolen from her mother on paper towels in a bakery bathroom.

Emily seems to be dealing with more than just A. Her mom, Mrs. Fields, is not okay with Emily being gay, so she treats Maya with disdain. After she ran Maya away, while Emily not in her room, Emily's mom found Maya's backpack, so she decided to look through it. finally found that Maya had weed stashed in an Altoids box and  thinks that that's why Emily was acting "weird" as she would call it. Of course, she turned Maya into her parents and in turn Maya was sentenced to 3 months in juvi.

Noel is till suspected to be A, because he just seems to be poppin up everywhere and still blackmailing Ezra. Aria then finds that Noel and her brother Mike had been speaking. It seems that Noel told Mike that he heard a rumor about Mr. Fitz sleeping with one of his students and that he was going to tell the Principal.

The secrets just keep coming in the most unlikeliest places. Spencer finds that Melissa is trying to get pregnant, when she accidentally stumbles onto an ovulation test. Talk about a bombshell.

Aria and Mr. Fitz have one last night together, before he quits his job. True ♥ knows no boundaries. It knows no age. If you have each other, all else shouldn't matter.

Is A a friend or an enemy? The question arises as she gets rid of Noel, by planting cheat sheets to 3 tests in his locker, saving Mr. Fitz from having to quit his job.
"A is for Alison, not for amateur."
Emily's friends surprise her with allowing her to have one last night to be alone with Maya before she leaves. These are true friends.

A sends them a video showing who Alison was with the night she disappeared. To their surprise it was Ian. How shocking that he would be everywhere and not get supected.

As more secrets come out, the more dangerous it gets for Hannah, Aria, Emily and Spencer. Where will A lead the girls to next? Is she friend or foe? What is A really up to? Follow the girls, as they uncover more secrets and get deeper and closer to the truth.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Review

Jan. 10, 2011. Second episode of the season.

From last season, we saw that Hannah's mom had stolen some money from one of her wealthiest bank clients.
This season, Hannah is finally home from the hospital. While trying to find something to eat, she stumbles upon the hidden place where her mother was hiding the money. Lol! All, while she was trying to get Pop Tarts from the cupboard.
As the episode goes on, you see flashbacks and more secrets come to the surface.
Spencer finds out that Tobi is out on bail.
Noel is still acting weird, after the last episode

  • black mailing Mr. Fitz to get better grades
  • Playing Aria against Mr. Fitz. What a punk?
    • Flashback. Alison, Hannah, Aria, Emily and Spencer are at a party and Alison managed to get Noel and his current girlfriend to break up, just because Aria had a crush on him
Mona planned a surprise pick me up party for Hannah. Several things come up here

  • the money is stolen
  • Spencer's boyfriend Alex, received a mysterious email confirmation for a tennis program he rejected 
    • he thinks Spencer has something to do with it
    • Spencer gets a message from A saying, "Point, set and match"
A is on the move. It seems that pay back is rearing its ugly head. Break ups seem to be ob A's mind.
Jenna is hiding a dirty secret

  • she's the one that turned tobi into the police at the end of the last season
  • she's in ♥ with her own brother 
    • about a sick twisted relationship. How mentally traumatizing is that
Spencer finally gets home and sees that Ian has moved in all of his stuff. She also sees that Ian and Melissa had gone to the Fairway Resort in South Carolina. 
  • Flashback
    • Spencer remembers that summer when Alison came back from visiting her grandmother, who lives in Georgia, but Alison had a Fairview Resort tag on her luggage. 
Hmmmm....I wonder what will happen on next weeks episode. Stay tuned and find out what the girls find out about their dear friend Alison. What will happen between Emily and her mom, who disapproves of her relationship? What will happen with Aria and Mr. fitz? 
Hmmm....sooo many questions. I am looking forward for next weeks episode stay tuned. 

Missed it? Want to watch it? Check out the link below. 

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    Roller Blading Experience

    Roller Blading Experience

    Ever since I was little, I've always enjoyed roller blading. I started with the old fashioned ones. The ones with the two wheels in the front and the two wheels in the back. It was hard at first, but as they say, "Practice makes perfect."

    Then, i got these toy barbie in-line skates and I had to wear slippers to use them. LOL! It was funny, but I was a kid, so I didn't care.

    Later, I got the regular in-line skates. Man, they were great. I would go out roller blading almost every day. i would go around the block, to church, etc. The freedom and the sense of peace I would feel from roller blading, was great. I had to give them up, because they were old.

    Now, I've been searching for more than two years and wither they've been too exspensive or they never have them in the stores. I really didn't want to order them online, in case they didn't fit me. But, me and my ♥ went out this past weekend in search of them. We went to Walmart in Kendall, no luck. We tried a target that was close by and BAM! I got lucky. I found my exact size and in the color i ♥, baby blue. My ♥ on the other hand, found ones two sizes too big. But we were so pumped to go roller blading together with a group of friends, he bought his and mine as is. How cute is that?

    We went out this past Saturday, Jan. 8th, with 3 of our friends roller blading @ Bayfront park. OMG! All my stress and frustrations faded away. I can't wait to do it again.

    Enjoy this video. I haven't lost my stride, considering I haven't roller bladed in a couple of years.

    Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Late Christmas Gifts

      Late Christmas Gifts from Nicaragua

    Hope you enjoy this video. 
    My brother and his wife went to spend Christmas and New Years and they've recently came back. 
    I decided to show what a new relative we've only really met through phone, pictures, and I've spoken to through Facebook. I thought it was really cool and nice of her to send me something. I wasn't expecting it. I really wasn't expecting anything from anybody, but the fact that they thought of me and the the thought behind the gift was just amazing. It was too good to keep to myself. 

      The video was a little off, because it's a handheld camera, and I don't have a tripod yet. But, the quality of the video is what i wanted, it came out pretty good. Thanks. I'm including snapshots below on the gifts.

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Nail Beauty

    My first beauty post.

     I sell Avon and well, recently contrary to what some of my girlfriends say, I can be a girly girl. The past few months, Avon has been coming out with some really nice colors. This one I took from my mom, because I just loved it. The color is Luxe Lavender. I just loved it. It is very smooth and easy to apply and it dries fast. So the in betwen coats you don’t have to wait that long to apply.

    That’s my girly moment, hope you love the color.

    Mixing business with pleasure, if your interested in the color let me know. Right now you can get two colors for $6, not including taxes. lol! the color won’t disappoint you. I’ve gotten great reviews from some of my friends.

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks

    Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks
    Sun Sports Tue. Jan. 4, 2011
    On Monday January 3rd, Miami won against the Charlotte Bobcats 96-82, bringing home an 11th straight road game win.

    January 4th, the Miami heat are paying their 2nd game of the NEW YEAR against the Milwaukee Bucks.

    The 1st quarter ended with @Heat leading the @Bucks 26-20. It was a tight game. Both teams were playing really good defensively and offensively. LBJ and Wade ended the first quarter with 8 pts., Bosh with 6 Rebounds and LBJ with 3 assists.

    Later, the 1st half ends with the Heat trailing behind the Bucks with 47-51.

    The 3rd quarter ended with @Heat leading the @Bucks 73-70. Lebron James ended the 3rd quarter with 22points, 6 assists. Bosh ends with a double-double of 19 points, 10 Rebounds. Wade ends the 3rd quarter with 17 points.

    • With 4 min. left in the 4th quarter, bosh w/ a rebound, a pass to LBJ and a great corner shot by Lebron James himself. lol! Amazing! 
    • 3:21- nice pass to D. Wade across the court, where he was left alone, for a great slam dunk. 
    • 3 min. left- Mario Chalmers with a nice outside the line rebound save, Wade for the catch, passes to LBJ who makes the shot. Incredible!
    What a great game. The 4th quarter was the best one yet. Some great plays by the Heat in just under 5 minutes. The 4th quarter ended with the Heat bringing home another victory, 101-89. 
    1. Wade finished the night with a total of 34 points, 
    2. LBJ with a total of 25 points
    Stay tuned for their next game which is going to be in Milwaukee against the very same Bucks on Friday at 8:30 pm. The heat begin their next road trip.