Friday, December 31, 2010

Live from Time Squares

It's that time of year, where we celebrate the NEW Years. So many things to look forward to. Things that we couldn't accomplish, that we may want to accomplish in the upcoming year. so many things to be grateful for and so many things to strive for.

I always ♥ watching the countdown to 12 pm and actually getting to look forward to start of a new year. I enjoy watching the Time Square countdown. All of those New Yorkers out in the cold just to see the ball drop. How exciting? Maybe one year i'll be able to see the ball drop. Who knows? New year, new dreams, new expectations. Anything can happen.

Enjoy the live broadcast right here from my blog. You can view it from anywhere. Just enjoy. ♥ and wish everybody a safe New Year's Eve.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miami Heat vs. Houston Rockets

December 29, 2010, the Miami Heat play against Houston Rockets. They played the night before, Dec. 28, against the NY Knicks, where they came out victorious 106-98. The Heat now having to play their 2nd straight game in a row.

The game has been tight throughout the 1st half, with only a few points in difference. The Heat need to step up their game if they want to take the win. The Rockets, are playing strong. They are in it to win it.

There are only 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, LBJ makes a steal and rams it down the court for the slam dunk. Great hustle by the Heat in the 3rd quarter.

With only 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Miami needs to stop making those crazy shots and make some smarter plays. With the last few minutes left in the game, you can see the drive and the intensity from which both temas are playng just when you think the Rockets were going to catch up, the Heat makes an amazing comeback. Wade playing fiercer in this quarter after getting hit in the lip.
With 35 seconds left in the game, Joel Anthony makes both foul shots, when the Heat needed the most. Then Wade and Mario Chalmers were sent tot eh foul line making all of their shots. The game ends with Miami being victorious, 125-119. Great game for both teams.

This brings the Heat to a total of 16 won games out of the past 17. They've won all straight ten road games. Amazing, couldn't have expected anything less from a team who has come such a long way this season.

Stay tuned, for the next game. The Heat will be playing their first game of the new year on Sat. January 1st, against the Golden State @ 7:30 p.m. Can't miss it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The NBA Christmas Special Game

Welcome to the NBA's, Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers Christmas Special. 
The game that all Heat and Laker fans were anxiously awaiting for months. Who will be the victor? 

Miami Heat came in strong in the 1st quarter. There many amazing plays. One for instance, was a great pass form Bosh to Lebron James for a 3 point shot. The Lakers on the other hand, weren't playing at the top of their game in this quarter. The first quarter ends MIA:20 @ LAL: 14.

Coming into the 2nd quarter, the Heat were still playing strong. Lakers were starting to pick up the pace on their game. The heat need to keep the hustle and keep playing a good defense. 
4:15 left in the 2nd quarter. The Heat can't afford to get cocky just yet, and continue to play like they were at the start of the game. The first half ends with MIA:47 @ LAL:38. The Heat finish the 1st half with a 9 point lead. 
Miami is officially not the same team we saw in the beginning of the season. Nor are they the same team we saw play against the Lakers earlier in the season. They are playing a lot more intensely , complimenting each other every step of the way. The Lakers aren't playing like 2010 NBA Champs, that a lot of people know and love. 

Coming into the 3rd quarter, Miami, still going on strong, making grea plays. At 1:10 left in the 3rd quarter, LBJ made a good 2 point shot, just as the shot clock came to an end. The 3rd quarter ended with MIA:75 @ LAL: 64.

Miami needs to keep their focus and their consistency, coming into this 4th quarter. They need to rebound more and they need to stop making crazy shots. 

Just when you thought the game couldn't get any better, LBJ made two great steals. Amazing plays by the Heat throughout the whole game. Of course the 4th quarter ends with MIA:96 @ LAL:80. It was not the best game for the Los Angeles Lakers, making this game their 2nd at home game loss. 

Al though, it was great news for the Miami Heat fans who were anxiously awaiting the outcome of this game. Sorry Laker fans maybe next time. 
The stats for the night were. Bryant with 17 points, 6 REB, 7Asst. LBJ: 27 pts. 11 Reb, 5 Asst. Bosh: 24 pts., 13 Reb. Wade ends the game with 18 pts., 5 Reb.The best Christmas for the Miami Heat. Quote by D. Wade, "I just got my X-mas gift." 

Check out the video below with a few highlights of the last 3 minutes of the game. You can even see a little bit of the Lakers walk of shame. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

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Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas. May it be filled with warmth and love. May you be surrounded by all those you love, your friends and family. Wish you the best from me to you and your families.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Miami Heat vs. Arizona Pheonix

After loosing against the Denver nuggets, ending their ten straight win lead, Miami needs to step their game up.

On December 23rd, Miami played against the Arizona Phoenix. Dwayne Wade was not a participant due to a sore left knee.
It was a rough start for the Heat, but they had their good moments throughout the 1st quarter. For example, Carlos Arroyo making a great pass from the half court to Lebron James for the dunk. AMAZING!!!
The 1st quarter ended with PhX:22 @ MIA: 19. PHX played a good defense and had a good hustle in the 1st quarter coming in strong.
In the 2nd quarter, however, Miami came in aggressive. Now that was the team we know and love. It was looking like a tight game. With 4:20 left in the 2nd quarter, Lebron James made a steal, ran across the court and made a pass form his left to his right for the layup. A great play by Lebron James.
Then with just a few seconds left in the 2nd quarter, Lebron James made a difficult 2 point shot, while also drawing the foul. Miami ended the 2nd quarter strong with a 45-39 point lead.
The game was definitely not over. Miami came in strong during the 2nd half, making good defensive plays.
It's down to the last two minutes of the game.
Miami still at the top of their game in the last remaining seconds. The heat finish strong, ending the game with 95-83 win.
It was a great game overall. LBJ ends the game with 36 points. Bosh with 23, 11 rebounds. This brought the Heats standings to 22 wins and 9 losses.
All in all, both teams played a great game. They had their ups and downs, but it was an interesting game from beginning to end.

Look forward to the next game that's creating buzz around Miami and in Los Angeles. The Heat vs. Lakers, this Saturday December 25th, at the Staples Center at 5 pm on ABC. This will be a game to watch. Miami is going to need to play good on both fronts, offensively and defensively. They're going to have to join together and play as aggressively as they have been playing. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thought of the Day

When everything seems at a loss, the easiest thing to do is to give up. But then you will never know what you are capable of, unless you keep on trying.

Lesson of the day: 'Perseverance and determination is all you need to accomplish your goals"

Thought of the Day

When someone tells you something, there's usually a reason behind it. If you choose not to listen to them once in a while, then you wouldn't find yourself apologizing for the one thing you would hope they'd realize is true what your saying. And your not saying it just out of jealousy or reproach.

Lesson: "Learn to Listen. Evaluate. Act"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vampire Diaries

So, lately I have had a new obsession with the new CW TV series Vampire Diaries. It's on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in case your interested in watching. lol!
It's just at the title expresses. The setting is in Mystic Falls a quaint town. Vampires and Humans and now werewolves, are just the figures that are portrayed in this series. It's constant knowledge is always coming from a diary. Everything you need to know about the town and even about the main characters, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Stefan is always keeping a diary of everything that is going on in his life from before he was a vampire and even to the present of him being a vampire. As I was browsing through Facebook today I found thins link on the side. A book about Stefan's life...his diary. Here's an insider view....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder is just too cute and sexy for his own good. Enjoy this video of an interview he did, during his shoot. ♥ him

Miami Heat vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

After a sloppy 1st game against the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat have had a turn around for the better. They are now playing as a team, as a family. With every passing game they are becoming Miami’s dream team, the team they were hoping to see play form the beginning.
On Tuesday, November 2nd, the Miami Heat played again the Minnesota Timberwolves. It was a neck and neck game in the 1st quarter. Jones made 5 out of 9 3 pointers in the first quarter. With only 8:10 in the 2nd quarter, after being fouled by Chris Bosh, Michael Beasley landed hard on his left thigh. In great pain Beasley was carried out to the locker room to get checked. No news have been said about his injury.
Entering the 3rd quarter, Lebron James makes a tricky 2 point shot from he corner of the court. Later, the Miami Heat coming  into the 4th quarter with a 27 point lead. Lebron James, Wade, Bosh, Arroyo, Jones, are just amongst the few dominating the game fro the Heat. The game ends with a win for Miami, 129 to 97.
This is the team the Miami fans were anxious to see from the beginning. The Heat continue the season with a 4 win 1 loss ratio. The
ir next game is on Friday, Novemeber 5th, against the New Orleans Hornets in New Orleans at8 pm. This will be a game to look forward to.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Riley- animated project

I loved my Animation class in Miami-Dade. My whole time, heart and soul went into this project and it came out exactly how i wanted it to and a little more than expected. Just because my animation was chosen from the class. we had a competition in our class on the best project. i won. lol! great great feeling

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Basketball Review of Game 1

Basketball Review of Game 1 
Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics

On Tuesday Ocotber 26th, 2010, the Miami Heat play against the Boston Celtics, opening up the new NBA Season. From beginning to end, it was an exciting game to watch. The Miami Heat opened up the season with their new team line u, consisting of Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh. They were up against the already established, dynamic trio of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. 

The First half of the game, was dominated by the Boston Celtics. Entering the 3rd quarter, Lebron James turned the game around for the Miami Heat by scoring 15 points. 

The game was far from over. The surprises just kept on coming. Just when things were looking bad for the Miami Heat, there was an amazing turn around from the Heat in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter. A back to back surprise from Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, who both scored 3 point shots a piece. Al though their efforts were in the right places, it wasn't enough to get the the 1st win of the season. The Boston Celtics win against the Heat 88-80. The Miami Heats Lebron James ends the game with 31 points. Udonis Haslem ends the game with 11 rebounds. and Dwayne Wade ends the game with 6 assists. The Boston Celtics Ray Allen ends the game with 20 points. Paul Pierce with 19 points and Kevin Garnett ens the night with only 10 points. 

All in all, a very interesting game. Al though, if the Heat want to stand a chance at winning, Wade is going to have to up his game for the new Heat team to come out on top and get their act together. 

I must say this much, "Today is not a loss for the Miami heat, it is a gain. The Miami Heat need to get their rhythm to play their next game. Other wise they may not have a good beginning season." 

If you would like to view the highlights of the game go to NBA Recap , it will take you to the video.