Saturday, October 30, 2010

Riley- animated project

I loved my Animation class in Miami-Dade. My whole time, heart and soul went into this project and it came out exactly how i wanted it to and a little more than expected. Just because my animation was chosen from the class. we had a competition in our class on the best project. i won. lol! great great feeling

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Basketball Review of Game 1

Basketball Review of Game 1 
Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics

On Tuesday Ocotber 26th, 2010, the Miami Heat play against the Boston Celtics, opening up the new NBA Season. From beginning to end, it was an exciting game to watch. The Miami Heat opened up the season with their new team line u, consisting of Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh. They were up against the already established, dynamic trio of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. 

The First half of the game, was dominated by the Boston Celtics. Entering the 3rd quarter, Lebron James turned the game around for the Miami Heat by scoring 15 points. 

The game was far from over. The surprises just kept on coming. Just when things were looking bad for the Miami Heat, there was an amazing turn around from the Heat in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter. A back to back surprise from Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, who both scored 3 point shots a piece. Al though their efforts were in the right places, it wasn't enough to get the the 1st win of the season. The Boston Celtics win against the Heat 88-80. The Miami Heats Lebron James ends the game with 31 points. Udonis Haslem ends the game with 11 rebounds. and Dwayne Wade ends the game with 6 assists. The Boston Celtics Ray Allen ends the game with 20 points. Paul Pierce with 19 points and Kevin Garnett ens the night with only 10 points. 

All in all, a very interesting game. Al though, if the Heat want to stand a chance at winning, Wade is going to have to up his game for the new Heat team to come out on top and get their act together. 

I must say this much, "Today is not a loss for the Miami heat, it is a gain. The Miami Heat need to get their rhythm to play their next game. Other wise they may not have a good beginning season." 

If you would like to view the highlights of the game go to NBA Recap , it will take you to the video. 

Basketball Celtics

My Boston Celtics Poster. 
I love drawing and the Boston Celtics is one of my favorite basketball team.

I changed a few things from his outfit and i drew the 4 leaf clover in the background as opposed to the usual descriptive circle it has. And then I added the Bubble letters in Green.

Luck of the Irish.


Art is the best expression we can ever have in this world. Whether you do it by hand, or you take creativity to the computer. It's the best feeling you can ever have to have had accomplished it. The best relaxation thing ever. ♥ Art

My poster version of the Miami Heat Logo


Make your own Countdown Clocks

The countdown for the first official basketball game has begun. i can't wait to see who comes on top. Will it be the new dream team of the Miami Heat? Or will the Celtics come out on top? I can't wait to see the outcome of the first game of the season. Tonight my 2 favorite teams go head to head.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Vampire Diaries - Damon and Elena - All You Wanted

"Vampire Diaries"  
Al though, Elena hasn't admitted it, I can't help but wonder that they have an unspoken love. 
The video posted below is called, " Damon and Elena - All You Wanted", by Sounds Under Radio. I liked the montage that was put together of all of their moments that they have shared through out the season. I love Damon, he is just too cute and you see a different side of him, you would never think he'd had. 

Vampire Diaries Visits South Florida

"Vampire Diaries"
The hit new TV show on the CW, Vampire Diaries, has begun it's second season. It is breath taking with its suspense, themes of love and the meaning of what true friends are. 

As a living member of South Florida, and a fan of the Vampire Diaries, I am pleased to announce that the starring men of the show will be here.  

Date/Time: Saturday, October 23, at 4:00 p.m.
Location: Shops at Sunset, 5701 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143
Cast: Series stars Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder
Music: Live performance by Sounds Under Radio
For access to event: T-shirts can be purchased beginning October 8

For more details visit:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My niece

The best thing in life is the cute little smiles that you are blessed with on a daily basis. The children that surround you and give you the peace that as adults, we secretly long for. I may not have my own child yet, but my niece is the most precious thing I have. She is the glue that holds our family together. She is the happiness and the one thing that got me closer to my brother again.

This video was so adorable. My niece, thinking she's a worker in the mountain with that hat on. She is the cutest thing and crazy because she kept on running back and forth and throwing herself to me or to my sis-n-law.

Blessing to share these moments with my family and now with my friends.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Disney's Ispired Gowns

Every little girl, dreams up their fairy tale wedding. Al though, as little girls we aren't aware of the expenses that come with a fairy tale wedding, it is always so nice to dream up the best day of your life. The key ingredient in the wedding is the wedding dress. One can only dream of having a Disney inspired wedding gown. These days it is possible. I hope you enjoy this article that I found. The dresses are exquisite. The details, the shape and the entire design flows well with each Disney princess they represent. Al though not all of them are there, but they are beautiful all in their own ways.