Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pretty Little Liars

Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares

With working and having so many activities and responsibilities at church its going to be hard to watch the episodes the day it airs. Yet, i do plan on catching up on the episodes i've missed throught the abcfamily.com website.

Pretty Little Liars winter premiere opened up with a bang. As most Pretty Little Liars fans remember, the girls were caught digging up a skeleton in the woods, thus getting them arrested. In this episode, they were gotten off pretty easy with just having to do community service hours.

You'd think they would be happy that's all they got off with, but amongst the girls turmoil started to arise. They were turning on each other, treating each other like enemies. Yet, as the episode continues you realize that they are putting on a show to get "A" to believe she/he is winning. Spencer breaking up with Tobi last season to try and keep him safe. Aria breaking up with Ezra for the same reasons.

Ezra and Aria confessed to her parents that they were in a relationship and the response was not a shocker. Ella was furious to find out that her daughter was hiding this secret form her. Byron was infuriated to hear that his daughter and colleague were having a relationship. The reaction from a man who did the same thing for a long time, not to long ago. It really does come into perspective when its your own daughter in the same situation.

The girls were pretending to be against each other to try and catch "A." They met up at the greenhouse, but not all together. Emily was the first one there and had to deal with the hooded figure, they thought was "A", but after having to fight for her life, the rest of the girls showed up. They were able to fight him off, but he managed to get away. As he was running away Hannah pulled up in her car and ran into him. Al though he away, he dropped his phone and they found it. What could this mean? Will they be able to find out who "A" is? Or will it lead to more dead ends? Find out next episode.