Thursday, February 25, 2016

Valentines Day Raffle/Sale Update

Hello everyone, so a little late with this post. As most know, at the beginning of this month, I decided to do a Valentines day raffle and sale. It was a pretty good success for the first sale of this year. The raffle got everyone intrigued and people liked the things that we were selling. 
Above I reposted the image of the raffle. The first prize of the raffle was a $60 gift card to eat at any of those restaurants. The second prize was a basket with a bottle of wine, two wine cups, rose petals, a box of chocolates, and a valentines day balloon. Yo can see the live stream of the videos just by clicking on the word raffle above. 

He was the winner of the 1st prize. He was super excited. According to him, "I have never won anything before."

It was awesome actually.

All in all, I am glad that the raffle went pretty good.

Hopefully I will be doing more of these events in the future.

Creativeness and a lot of work went to it, so I will share some of the images of the things we sold.

vday baskets

Hopefully everyone had a great Valentines Day. 


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day Raffle

So, it is about that time of the year again.

Valentine's Day is almost here.

February 14 is not just a day to share with your husband or your wife anymore. It has become a day where everybody shares that day with somebody. It can be a significant other, a friend, family or even a group of people you are really close with.

For this year; for this Valentines Day i am going to be doing a raffle. Below is the image of the flyer.
As you can see, the 1st prize is going to be a gift card worth $60 to go to nay of the following 6 places:
  • Olive Garden 
  • Red Lobster 
  • Yard House 
  • Bahama Breeze 
  • LongHorn 
  • Seasons
The 2nd prize is a nice gift basket. it includes the following:
  • Wine bottle
  • 2 wine glasses 
  • Valentine's Day Box of chocolates 
  • Valentine's Day Balloon
  • Rose Petals 
The ticket will be worth $5. And the winner will be picked through a live stream on youtube through NuDreamr

It's a little quick, but hoping my first raffle will take off on a good note 

Enjoy your day. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

DIY jewelry

It's been a while since I have constantly written or done anything on the blog, but 2016, here is hoping that will change.

A couple of years ago, I had begun taking classes on how to make jewelry and learned a lot of new techniques. I only knew how to use the jewelry stretchy cording. That was always the easiest thing that I had begun trying out with.

Of course, after the class, then I learned different techniques.

For instance, the memory wire is one of the new techniques I learned in the class at Michaels, the arts and crafts store. Really affordable and they make learning easy as well.

This bracelet was done with green and white pearl beads on memory wire.

Like any new technique, it takes new tools and patience to get the job done.

This is pretty easy to work with. They already sell memory wire to a specific size as well if you are interested in doing some jewelry for yourself.

Oriental trading is one of my favorite places where you can find this and in different colors as well. Along with a variety of beads and tools. All at pretty good price since they are a wholesale.

Hopefully, I can start to sell some of these things. I have a few pieces already and you'll be seeing them soon.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

El Día de los Reyes Magos

El Día de los Reyes Magos 

January 6, 2016

La Rosca
Tradicion Mexicana

El 6 de Enero, se celebra el día de los Reyes Magos de oriente a los hogares con presentes como los que le llevaron al niño Jesus. 

De acuerdo a la fé Cristiana, la costumbre de las fiestas de diciembre culminan con la llegada de los reyes magos y la partida de la rosca. 

La historia de la rosca de reyes empezó durante la Edad Media. La rosca en este tiempo fue usada originalmente para celebrar al Dios Saturno. Luego, los cristianos de roma, una tradición que en torno fue retomada por los fieles cristianos romanos. Los cristianos celebraban el nacimiento de Jesús en Belén de Judea. 

El Significado Cristiano

La forma ovalada de la rosca simboliza el amor de Dios, que no tiene principio ni fín. Las frutas como el ate simbolizan la gracia traída por Jesucristo. El haba fue cambiada por una figura del niño Jesús.

La figura del niño Jesús escondida al interior del pan simboliza cuando José y María escondieron a Jesús de Herodes.

El premio del niño Jesús en la rosca 
Según las costumbres, la persona que encuentre al pequeño niño Jesús dentro de la rosca será honrado con bendecir a los demás, llevando comida tradicional el 2 de febrero, día de la virgen de la Candelaria. En México se acostumbra regalar tamales y atole; típica comida mexicana. Por supuesto, si hay otras nacionalidades tomando participes en la tradición, pues será comida típica de ese país. 

Esta tradición de la Rosca de Reyes se lleva a cabo en países como México, España, Colombia y Argentina, con sus diferentes variantes.