Friday, March 18, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
Monsters in the End

The Season Finale is here. The girls are at one step closer to finding out Alison's murder. But it doesn't mean that things are getting any easier. 

An old friend Garret, now a cop, is on a 24/7 watch over Spencer's every move. 

Caleb is out and seems that Mona is back in Hannah's life. With everything that s going on, Hannah put on a brave face for Spencer, and finds the courage to talk to Caleb and try to find out what it is that Jenna wanted. Caleb told Hannah, that Jenna was looking for a key that Alison may have left them. 

Aria and Ezra's relationship is getting kind of complicated. They have to be careful with how they act and to who they may be sending a text to. Aria wants to spend some time with Ezra, but being alone in his apartment, Aria accidentally stumbled onto Ezra's page. She saw a picture of him with a woman named Jackie Molina, who apparently had a ring on her finger.

Caleb went to the festival to give Hannah good bye letter, but ends up giving it to Mona. Mona, has no respect for peoples property nor their privacy. She opened the letter, read and ripped it up, and into the trash it went. @ a glance it read,  "Call me...I love you Hannah."

Aria then confronted Ezra about the photo. He confesses he was once engaged.
Emily, reminiscing over Alison, found the key inside a snow globe, that Alison had given to her.
With the news, the girls decide to meet. Unfortunately, this may bring problems to both Aria and Ezra. Garret, the cop that's supposed to be watching Spencer, saw that Aria left Ezra's apartment. With the conditions of the room, it really doesn't look right in the eye of the cops.

Meanwhile, Spencer is going behind her mother's best wishes, and had made plans to meet with Tobi. She received a text message from an unknown sender pretending to be Tobi. Tsk tsk tsk. This game is getting pretty twisted. Thinking it was him, Spencer went into the fun house, where she saw a message on the wall, in red, "Having fun yet? Shut up or I'll shut you up." Spencer is then trapped in a nook with a crowbar. Amazingly, who is that finds her? Well, none other than her new suspicious brother in law.

Tobi, was looking for Spencer outside of the fun house, but Spencer came out with her mother and sister. I thought she was going to blow him off, but then she ran into his arms and they kissed. How cute? Who would've thought Spencer and Tobi would be hooking up? She literally hated him.

The girls go to #135 storage key, where they find a USB drive with footage of them. Who is it that was spying on them the whole time? Is it Ian? Is it Garret who has been acting suspicious? Well, stay tuned for next season and we may find the answers. It will just be too sad to see the show end, but like all games, they must come to an end.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
Someone to Watch Over Me
ABC Family Mondays @ 8/7 c

Things are never really dull in Rosewood. There's always a scheme, a lie, or something going on. 

As Hannah and Caleb get close together, she found a gorgeous owl broach, in Caleb's backpack. Of course she assumed it was for her. A symbol of their first night together. 

Things heat up as Spencer becomes the prime suspect in Alison's murder investigation. The police got a search warrant and were allowed to search through Spencer's room and go through her stuff. 

At a time when they need to be careful, Aria sent a romantic text to Ezra, but it was sent to her mom, Ella instead. Emily and Aria hear a suspicious phone call made by Caleb. They try to tell Hannah, but she doesn't believe them, until they see that Jenna is wearing the broach around her neck. 

Spencer then sees Jenna, using the owl as a USB drive. After Hannah was able to confront Caleb about it, he tells her that Jenna had payed him to spy on Hannah. Instead of confronting Jenna, Hannah slaps her across the face. Talk about a therapeutic move. Jenna is not as defenseless as she appears to be.  

Tobi and Spencer seem to be getting closer and closer together. So is this a new relationship thats brewing? 
Spencer went out for a run, only to come back to the house to find Ian, who so graciously offered to help Spencer run away. 

Emily confesses to Paige that she would look for guys like her, that would get her to do things that she normally would do. 

More bad news for Spencer:
  • police found threads of the name bracelet in Tobi's sweater 
    • the same sweater Alison had the night she died
Things aren't looking good for Spencer or even Tobi, for that matter.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

So sorry for the delay, been pretty busy. But last weeks episode of Pretty Little liars was all new and enticing with new juicy turns and twists.

Some people may say its getting predictable, but at one point or another it just is. But when you think you have it figured out, there's always something new that surfaces. And things are unraveling as the girls continue to play private investigator.

After last weeks episode, the girls are being questioned once again, after they find out that the blood was not human, it was rats blood. And Spencer becomes the new suspect in the Alison's murder investigation.

As tensions rise between Paige and Emily, things heat up between Hannah and Caleb.

As the girls get deeper and deeper into A's game, Tobi and Spencer seem to find comfort in each other.

Hannah's mom eventually found out that Caleb had been sleeping in the basement, and Emily and Paige seem to be growing closer in their relationship.

With tensions running high in both Tobi's and Spencer's household, Tobi decided on staying at a motel. Spencer heard a flute playing in the room next door and saw the same bag that Ian had given Jenna on the bed and she noticed the room #: 214. Spencer stayed the night in Tobi's motel room to try and find out what Jenna was doing there.

After Caleb got kicked out, Hannah goes after Caleb and they spend the night together in a tent. How outdoorsy. As their relationship heats up, another one ends as quickly as it began. Paige wants to stay confined to the shadows, but Emily doesn't. So Emily decided it best for them to stay friends.

With the play, "Badseed", Ezra had been spending way too much time with Jenna, going over the music ideas for the play, and he began asking Aria a lot of questions about her accident. After debating herself, she decided to tell him the truth about what happened to Jenna.

Hannah's mom tells Caleb he can stay in the guest room and warns him not to hurt her daughter. The next thing you know Caleb is making a suspicious phone call. "I can't do this anymore. It's over. I'm done."

As Spencer leaves the motel, Tobi steals a kiss. And as Spencer arrives at her house, she is surpirsed to find a squad car waiting for her.

  • Melissa confesses she had an abortion the summer Ali died
  • Spencer was seeing Ian???? Really? I don't think so/
After receiving an S.O.S from Spencer, the girls arrive at her house on ly to get a text
"Spencer Hastings, person of interest in my death."

The game is getting very personal as each of the girls is being targeted individually.